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I’m anti-feminist for many of the same reasons I’m an atheist.

So you don’t believe women exist?

Its okay. I’m an atheist because I don’t believe in something I can’t see or touch. I suppose women are much like that for you.  

Somebody get him some ice.

okay, but a dude has to do it, cause he’s gonna freak the fuck out if he sees some floating ice coming over to him.




It’s so wonderful to know that someone who was a famous star on a old Disney Channel show and who is open with her sexuality gives someone the means to vent and act like a little twat on Twitter. Because you know, saying that your childhood is dead and destroyed just because she might prefer girls over boys is a very mature and very non-homophobic thing to say. Especially on a open social media website like Twitter.

(Source: deadlykillerqueen)

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